When Should You Switch Your SEO Consultant


Many companies will turn to an SEO consultant to assist them with SEO services. Doing so lets a business concentrate on what they do best, servicing their customers, and let an SEO specialist handle the rest. Further SEO consultants have better resources, tools and tracking of results for your site than you might have on your own which might drive better success for your company overall.

While using an SEO consultant may be smart, all SEO consultants are not the same. There is a wide range of differences not only from one SEO firm to another, but also to the quality of the individual team that might be assigned to your account within an SEO firm. Understanding whether or not to keep your SEO consultant and team can be challenging and this article will help to consider whether a change is needed.

  1. Perform Searches on Your Business Regularly and Have Others Do So: One way to see if an SEO service is working is to perform searches both on your business and the industry and see how noticeable your business is in these web results. If your business does not stand out or is not prominently displayed then ask the consultant what steps they are taking to improve or maintain your web results. Then, over time, reassess by performing the search again. If nothing has changed ask more and consider making a change to a new firm.
  2. See the Impact on Your Business: The ultimate goal of SEO is drumming up more business. If your revenues are not improving over time then it may be that the SEO is not working. Consider using a different firm but be sure to ask the SEO consultant that you are using why they were unable to make a difference beforehand. There are many factors outside of SEO that can impact your business.
  3. Use Coupons and Promos to See the Impact: Coupons and promos that you plant on your site can be a good way of seeing if your website is attracting the attention you are looking for it to garner. If you place a coupon or promo on your site but are not gathering the attention and redemption that you think is warranted then you may want to switch to another SEO consultant who can try something new.

SEO consultants can vary greatly, but it is ultimately a results oriented business. See if the SEO services you are paying for are resulting in more business by using the aforementioned steps and consider switching to a new firm if you are not getting the results that you are looking for.